Need For Speed Unbound On PC Is Bad: A BIOS Update Is Recommended [VIDEO]

Not only does Criterion Games’ game require the regular graphics card driver update, but it’s also worth upgrading your motherboard’s BIOS to a newer version.


Suppose you already own an Nvidia RTX 4090. In that case, you’re a millionaire, you’re lucky (this card sold out almost instantly on release, and the RTX 4080 was untouched, as we previously mentioned), and you could run into an interesting technical error if you run Need For Speed Unbound on it. According to Electronic Arts, Nvidia’s top-of-the-range card will blink and flash the game when playing the new NFS…

Nvidia has released a firmware update tool to update the RTX 4090 BIOS. It will not harm the factory overclock, or the power consumption limits the company has set for the companies that assemble the card (e.g., ASUS). In principle, it will work on all RTX 4090 GPUs, which will not overwrite the BIOS version number despite the update, and will keep the custom settings. This program also fixes another problem where graphics cards on motherboards set to UEFI mode will cause a black screen until the PC loads into Windows. (It can be a problem if something in the BIOS needs to be updated… like the boot order.)

There’s another problem that Electronic Arts hasn’t fixed yet: those who would use the DualSense controller on a PC might want to use DS4Windows. In the meantime, it has also emerged that Electronic Arts says that by BIOS update, they meant the motherboard. It is usually done by downloading the latest BIOS from the manufacturer’s website to a thumb drive, rebooting, entering the BIOS, and updating there. If you have the correct motherboard (Piriform Speccy will detect the model in a few seconds), you should be up and running in a few minutes.

Below is a video showing what graphics problems you can encounter in Need For Speed Unbound (even with a weaker GPU). We recommend watching it at your risk!

Source: WCCFTech

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