Would It Be The Fault Of Yoda That Order 66 Has Happened?!

MOVIE NEWS – Yoda was alerted to Order 66 in time to take action to stop it. Why did the Jedi Master choose to ignore the warning?



From the Star Wars canon, we know that Yoda was warned about Order 66 at the beginning of the Clone Wars. So it is unclear why the great Jedi chose to ignore it. It seems clear that the Master should have heeded this warning, but the situation was “much more complicated”, as Qui-Gon Jinn would say.

Every Star Wars era has a Jedi character charged with knowing the future, and every situation always has a different outcome.

Anakin Skywalker had visions of his loved ones dying, Luke Skywalker saw his friends suffer, and Rey believed Ben Solo would return to the light. Several characters in Star Wars: The Clone Wars have been in this situation. Among others, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin, and more than once Yoda. With so many warnings and so many different outcomes, it’s worth wondering if he was right to ignore his own warning about Order 66 after all.


A vision of Order 66


Yoda’s warning came in a vision of Jek, one of the two clones who eventually tried to kill him on Kashyyyk after Order 66. This was seen in the story “Sharing the Same Face”, which is an adaptation of the episode “Ambush” from The Clone Wars Season 1, Episode 1, and which appeared in the anthology The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark. During his meditation, Yoda saw a vision and “sensed Jek’s feelings of disbelief and regret – but a moment later, those feelings were gone, replaced by the need to obey.”

Although the vision is vague, it does show a clone soldier being too quick to follow orders, which is what Yoda was worried about earlier in the story.

Even if the vision could be interpreted in several ways, its meaning should have become apparent to Yoda later in the war. The Jedi eventually realized that all clone troopers had inhibitory chips to make them more obedient. A Jedi Master died when one of the chips malfunctioned. Dooku’s role in creating the clone army was also revealed. Yoda experienced an even more detailed vision of Order 66 on Dagobah. The fact that the Master was warned and experienced many suspicious signs during the Clone Wars makes it clear that the Jedi should have discovered Order 66.


Why did Yoda ignore the Force’s warning?


However, Yoda’s ignoring the Force’s warning was not irrational. In the chapter “Sharing the Same Face”, he reminded himself that “visions of the future were a dangerous lure”. He led many Jedi astray while trying to prevent them. The fall of Anakin was a perfect example. He also let his fear of Padmé’s death lead him to the dark side because of his visions. As for later evidence, Yoda believed the Jedi had already lost by participating in the clone wars.

He wanted to prevent Order 66 but also feared what would happen if the Jedi gave in to fear of what was coming.

It is still unclear whether he was right to ignore the warning. Sometimes listening to visions of the future leads to positive results. Such as when Ahsoka prevented Padme’s assassination. Luke could have listened to Yoda about saving his friends. But love and loyalty were Luke’s best qualities. He would have defied them if he had stayed on Dagobah. There were also visions of the Sith’s defeat. Because of this, many were confident that the light would prevail. But that was only because of Luke. Whether Yoda was right to ignore the warning of Order 66 in Star Wars will always be debated. However, his views and experiences make it clear why he did.

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