Nintendo Switch 2: Will There Be A Stock Shortage?

We’ve also heard about the successor to the Nintendo Switch, and what kind of display it will have when it hits stores later this year.


Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki wrote on Twitter, citing display shipment data, that more than 10 million units of the Switch’s yet-to-be-announced (and thus publicly unnamed) console will be produced in its first fiscal year, between this April and next March. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox series faced chip shortages in 2020 and 2021 (and subsequent stock shortages), but with Nintendo it will be much easier to find new hardware in stores. The OLED version of the console won’t be released this year, according to analyst firm Omdia (which is fair, since it took several years for the Switch to come out).

Bloomberg even reported, based on a comment from Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayashe, that the Switch’s successor will be available in 2024 (which is nothing new) and will feature an 8-inch LCD display (which it does!). He believes this based on research into small- and medium-sized displays, because he asked the companies involved in the supply chain. That’s why Hayase believes that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be the driving force behind the doubling of shipments of twin entertainment displays in 2024.

There have been rumors about the Switch successor, including that it will have solid performance at 1080p and ray tracing on the next platform of the big N, which could also become the leading ray tracing console with support for Nvidia’s DLSS Ray Reconstruction feature. Developers from Capcom, Koei Tecmo and Spike Chunsoft are also excited about the new hardware, which Nintendo unveiled behind closed doors at last year’s Gamescom.

Let’s hope the Nintendo Switch 2 gets the right performance and a fair price, as it should be able to keep Switch sales going (especially with backwards compatibility).

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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