Spider-Man - The City Never Sleeps DLC will have three portions. Each one will have its unique villain, as well their separate missions, storylines, challenges, and suits.

Spider-Man: The Game References Spider-Man: Far From Home With Its New Update

Despite having launched almost ten months ago…
dark Soauls - PSVR - Déraciné

For the creators of Dark Souls, PSVR is more limited than they expected

FromSoftware launched the PSVR game Déraciné to…
ivel a Gamestop az Egyesült Államokban egy fontos bolthálózat, így a Sony fontos partnerként kezeli őket.

Is The Next PlayStation VR Launching In Multiple Models?

There’s a chance that Sony is launching…
Virtual reality is a technology that has always encountered obstacles when it comes to reaching the mass public.

The Valve Index will be the first helmet to follow the VirtualLink standard

All the connectivity of the VR in…
Firmament is going to be a steampunk adventure game, available in two versions: one will support virtual reality, while the other version will be non-VR.

Myst Devs’ Next Game, Firmament, Can Be Developed!

With a big last push, the game…
PlayStation 5 - So we should wait at least half a year until the PlayStation 5 is even getting announced... if not more.

The First Official Details Of The PlayStation 5!

Wired wrote about the unnamed next-gen PlayStation console,…
In Star Wars: Vader Immortal, we take up the role of a smuggler who's working on Mustafar, Vader's home planet. He has a space ship, called Windfall.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal: Plot Details And Lightsaber Fights [VIDEO]

The game, which is developed by Oculus…
However, not only Microsoft is ahead of Sony with safety! Blizzard and Valve with their and Steam systems respectively also already have this safety feature.

You Can Now Change Your Online ID On The PlayStation Network!

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on the PlayStation…
The glasses' improvement would be the eye-tracking technology.

Is Sony Preparing VR-Friendly Prescription Glasses?

Siliconera has found a patent, which was…
Interesting tidbit: Rustchynsky is using the Ferrari FXX-K car in the video. Is it an underhanded punch at Kunos Simulazioni's Assetto Corsa, which will feature the same car on the box art?

Why Is DriveClub Disappearing? Here’s The Official Explanation!

DriveClub was initially meant to be a…

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