[PGW 2015] Horizon Zero Dawn: A developer walkthrough [VIDEO]

If by some case you weren’t assured of Sony putting a lot of its eggs into their basket for 2016 when it comes to exclusives, maybe Guerrilla GamesHorizon Zero Dawn can convince you about this. This video is a developer walkthrough, which isn’t that perfect, but it its because of the game being in an early developing stage at the moment.

Although Zero Dawn has great graphics, the framerate seems to chug down here and there noticably – hopefully they will be able to optimize the code and not just go for a graphical downgrade to fix this issue. Aside from this, we get a detailed explanation of what’s going on, pointing out what is what on the HUD, but of course, we are seeing some looting and combat in action as well.

The open world and the combination of the past and the future should get a nicely written story in the game, because it is going to be an important element of Horizon Zero Dawn. The game does feel like a breath of fresh air for the devs after several Killzone titles.

Release date is somewhere in 2016, no concrete date was given.

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  1. Tibor Kese Szakállas says:

    It will be the best! I don’t want to wait…

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