The Witcher 3 – Will there be a GOTY Edition in February?

It is quite often to see several games re-released in an expanded format (including all DLCs and the base game on the disc/digital download), although their names aren’t always fitting. However, CD Projekt RED‘s game would be an exception: many gamers think of The Witcher 3 as their game of the year, so titling this re-release as Game of the Year Edition would make perfect sense.

This re-release showed up on the French Amazon website. This would contain the base game and the two expansions. The release date was set to February 5: this means the second expansion (Blood And Wine) would be out by then on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as well. The price was set to 50 euros/dollars on the Xbox One (same for the PS4 then) – would that mean a 40-euro/dollar price tag on the PC?

Of course, this isn’t officially confirmed, but we’re almost 100% sure that Geralt would get a GOTY Edition – the only question is when? We’re waiting for the Polish team to announce it.


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