Fat Princess Adventures – Hit, smack, and feast!

REVIEW – We can’t call the Fat Princess games revolutionary, or even the best thing in the PlayStation’s library, but we cannot deny them of being fun for a lot of gamers. Killing is fun, and everyone likes cakes plus they also added a princess so that Mario can be jealous. Of course, I’m not sure if Mario would have a good night after one of the Fat Princess characters as the cakes have an adverse effect on their features.


The story is nothing extra, the kingdom is in peril, and we have to save it with our friends. We can start slaying with four people at once, and loot, eat or even upgrade our weapons (as the big book of hack n’ slash describes). Our fat characters that know no fear are ready for us to control them and kill the enemy.

A játék grafikáját nem érheti panasz. A remek karaktermodellek és azok animációja nagyon jóra és viccesre sikerültek.


The combat system is not too complicated. For fighting, we can use swords, arrows, hammers, or some of the magic learned throughout the game. All of the characters have their advantage in combat, which should be taken into consideration as this is a four player co-op game. Depending on the setup, everyone can join, or we can make the session friends only. The brave fatties can try to complete the game in solo though I’m not recommending this sort of playstyle as most of the enemy numbers were tuned for more than one player. That can cause some difficulty for the lone wolves out there.

A játék grafikáját nem érheti panasz. A remek karaktermodellek és azok animációja nagyon jóra és viccesre sikerültek.

The gameplay is a mix of the usual hack n slash elements. We can buy new items or level up from loots that we gathered from food boxes. Sadly loot does not fall from the sky just like in other RPGS, but we get enough out from the leveling up system to make the looting enjoyable. Another collectible item is the cake, which we can stuff ourselves with until we are full. We don’t have to be worried about diabetes, but we do get fatter.

We replenish our health with cakes in the game. We have to be careful though as if we eat too much then our armor will fall off. Our damage output gets higher if we are fat, but we’ll be much slower, and as we previously mentioned our armor will also be non-existent. Of course, with the proper support, we can take our chances, and gaining weight might be a good idea in certain situations in this game

A játék grafikáját nem érheti panasz. A remek karaktermodellek és azok animációja nagyon jóra és viccesre sikerültek.

Not fat, just pretty on much more surface

The graphics of Fat Princess Adventures is pretty good. The characters are well detailed; the animation is good and funny. The atmosphere is nicely done especially with the music, as the game’s background music is glorious, and fits the world of the adventure. Slaying foes would not be this much fun without the catchy tunes.



+ Pretty graphics
+ Fun four player co-op
+ Fantastic music


– Not fun to play alone, too difficult
– Needed a bit more loot
– Story is non-existent

Publisher: SCEI, SCEA

Developer: SCE Santa Monica, Fun Bits

Genre: Action RPG

Release date: 5 December 2015

Fat Princess Adventures

Gameplay - 7.6
Graphics - 7.9
Story - 6.3
Story: 65 Music/Audio - 7.7
Story: 65 Music/Audio: 75 Ambiance - 7.5



All in all the game is good. The gameplay is exciting, and the combat is fun, plus the four player co-op is fantastic. A few problems do hit up their heads in this game since this is a four player game going in solo is pure hell. If you have the friends or a few like-minded people, then Fat Princess will show its quality.

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