New Details About Death Stranding… Leaked? [VIDEO]

Kojima Productions‘s game is mysterious, yet it keeps showing more and more of itself…

We don’t know if the video below is a leak or not, because we’re talking about Hideo Kojima after all – in his case, you can never know what he is up to with his action game due to launch on PlayStation 4 and PC. What new details did we learn, thanks to „an American employee?”

The video below will not be used in a trailer, and the game is not under serious development yet. (The devs still haven’t picked the engine, and because of that, no concrete release date is set.) The hero has no name yet, but he’s a kidnapped, tortured scientist, who has nothing to lose. (Poor Norman Reedus!)

Making sacrifices will be a key element in the gameplay: we will have to decide what we will use and what we end up destroying. While there will also be survival elements, Kojima won’t explicitly make Death Stranding a survival game, but our decisions will play a large role, though.

The game’s world will both be beautiful and grim – for the latter part, just remember the baby, which is confirmed not to be a clone, from the E3 trailer.

And we just wait. However, Ryan Karazija, singer of Low Roar, says that Kojima already knows the release date of his game. Oh really?

Source: Jeuxvideo-Live

Death Stranding – Gamescom 2016 Trailer… by play3-live

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