Death Stranding’s Gamescom Presentation Leaked [VIDEO]

No, we’re not talking about the opening night of Gamescom (it had an event then), but a briefing which had a Death Stranding‘s video that was recorded in low quality.

The video below was posted by RePorter Bridges (how clever – in Death Stranding, the protagonist, acted and voiced by Norman Reedus, is called Sam „Porter” Bridges…). In this sub-par quality recording, we see an early cutscene of Death Stranding. Its events build up the basis of the plot – in the Oval Office (the main workplace of the president of the United States no less), Sam, Amelie’s hologram, and Die-Hardman (Kojima has some weird names for the characters – and it’s a reference to Die Hard). The two of them ask Sam to take a trip to the West (we have heard this before: the main goal for Sam is to go through the States, making it a recreation of Journey to the West… maybe?), and put several terminals online to „reconnect the people of our great nation,” plus he also has to bring back the physical body of Amelie. Despite Sam refusing the mission, he still takes the tour across America.

This scene hints at what Hideo Kojima has previously said (connecting people, bringing them together to solve issues together and not on their own), but it doesn’t show much of gameplay – no, we don’t mean urination, we can’t get over that. (That was in the previously shown Gamescom videos, so…)

Death Stranding, Kojima’s first post-Konami game, will launch on November 8, exclusively on PlayStation 4, but since the game’s box art doesn’t have Only on PlayStation on it, it might hit the PC six or twelve months later. And there were already rumours about Death Stranding eventually finding its way to the PC.

Source: VG247

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