The Outer Worlds shows its RPG action in a fun trailer [VIDEO]

The new Obsidian game: The Outer Worlds premieres on PC, Xbox One and PS4 next October.

The Obsidian Entertainment team has presented a new trailer of its promising The Outer Worlds , a role-playing adventure that will give us enormous freedom of action to act as we please in the Halcyon colony . Just what this fun video shows that is called to become one of the most notable releases of the year.

Meet the factions with which you will interact, the weapons you can use during the adventure, or the crazy special abilities that you will have access to in the new RPG of the authors of Pillars of Eternity . The videogame promises to let us act as we please, thus modifying the course of history or the development of the game itself.

In the past the Obsidian team has already advanced that in The Outer Worlds we can kill any character , something that has required a great effort by the team to fit all the pieces of the puzzle well. This promising RPG is scheduled to premiere on PC, Xbox One and PS4 next October.

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