Dying Light: Free Weekend And Even More New Content [VIDEO]

Techland doesn’t want us to be disappointed after the team decided to delay Dying Light 2 indefinitely…

Let’s start with the free weekend. On Steam, you can play the game for free until February 23, 10 AM PT/1 PM ET/6 PM UK/7 PM CET. You can also get the game with a 67% discount on Valve’s digital platform. (Keep in mind that the free weekend is not available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, the discount is active for them, too.)

Dying Light is now five years old, and it’s amazing to see how the Polish team continues to support the game after all this time. The 5th Anniversary Bundle has the game, the Harran Ranger Bundle DLC, and an exclusive outfit and buggy paint job. There are also upgraded blueprints for a new pipe, new sledgehammer, and a new double-barrelled shotgun. You can buy this add-on separately for $3.

There’s a new game mode, too. Story Mode makes the game much easier. You deal more attack damage while using less stamina, and the days are longer, too. You don’t get as much fall damage, the medkits refill twice as much HP, and in case you still die somehow (if you forget to heal yourself before falling face flat from ninety feet above, for example…), you will lose half of the XP than you normally would. And as the nights are shorter, the dangerous Volatile enemies (which are tough to defeat, plus they are always following you…) aren’t much of a threat. You get more money for your sold items, plus the airdrops are on the map for twice as much time, too. On the backside, however, you will earn half as much Legend XP this way, meaning the skills on the Legend skill tree will take more time to be available.

So in case you haven’t played Dying Light yet, you can now try it for free on PC. You can also learn the story fairly quickly this way.

Source: VG247, PCGamer

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