Madden NFL 21 – The Redskins-Scandal Has Hit The Game As Well

Redskins-Scandal – The 83-year-old Washington Redskins team is now forced to change logo and name – even in Madden NFL 21

Until the change takes effect, the team will play in generic colors and with a generic logo.


The winds of change have also reached the gaming industry. Whether this is good for us or bad is up to everyone to decide, but Madden NFL 21 is now forced to a change because of the fight against racism. Remembering the often overlooked Indian Holocaust (because no matter how much it hurt the americans, its their sin), the sponsors have now ordered the team to make an immediate change to seal the multi-year request from the sports community. Madden NFL 21 also had to reflect on the real-life changes in the Washington Redskins, so the team temporarily changed color and logo in the game.


However, the modifications are not just visual.

„We are pleased to see Washington’s decision to change the team’s name and visual identity,” an Electronic Arts representative told US magazine Kotaku.

“We are working quickly to update Madden NFL 21 to include a generic Washington team, while we wait for the final name and logo,” he added.

At the same time, unfortunately or not, there will be irreplaceable traces of the team’s old identity on the physical versions beyond the modifiable looks: starting with the audio elements, the team’s unique graphics, the stadium, the audience, the environment, and so on. They all stay on the disc.


“The changes to the name and logo will come via updates that will be downloaded automatically,” said a spokesperson. “Players might find outdated references to Washington in other areas of the game at the premiere, but we are committed to fully removing these elements in subsequent patches shortly after launch.”


Madden is not the only game that is now being transformed in the spirit of white collective guilt: due to sudden social changes that were unpredictable before the killing of George Floyd, the U.S. began to face its past: one of the first games to make changes like Madden was Fortnite, followed by Call of Duty in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Interestingly, according to a 2013 survey, the Washington Redskins name and logo bothered only 10% of Native American descendants… Which is no wonder, since anyone who looks at things a little closer knows that the name is a salute to the team’s former Native American coach, William Henry Dietz. There wasn’t any racist motivation behind the name and logo…


The new name and logo for Washington are unknown, but there are some legal obstacles before announcing it, and everything points to the team keeping its traditional colors. It is also interesting, however, whether if Madden NFL 20 or earlier instalments will receive a similar patch if all this is such a huge sin…

Madden NFL will arrive on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 25th, and sometime later this year on Google Stadia, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Source: 3DJuegos

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