4A Games: “The Metro Series Will Not Be A Simple Multiplayer Shooter

4A Games reassured all fans: although it was acquired by Saber Interactive, they do not make a generic multiplayer.


A few days ago, the acquisition of 4A Games by Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic and Deep Silver among other companies, was confirmed, and the development of a new multiplayer proposal in collaboration with Saber Interactive was also announced. Now, a new interview conducted days before the purchase was made official explains that the creators of the Metro saga would only get into this field to do things right, ruling out developing any type of clone experience.

If we explored this further, we would have to get it right.” – Jon Bloch

“We’ve thought about it in the past, and we actually had a few prototypes that went nowhere. We wouldn’t want to do generic multiplayer just for the sake of doing it, just to cross something off a list,” replied Jon Bloch, executive producer of 4A Games, to questions of the specialized portal VGC. “On the other hand, for our way of doing things we consider that developing a multiplayer mode requires the same investment of time and personnel as a singleplayer experience. To do both at the same time would require major changes,” Bloch continued, pointing out that to achieve something like this they would not sacrifice at 4A Games the quality achieved with Metro’s solo proposals. “If we explore this further, we would have to get it right,” he concluded.

The interview, we repeat, was granted before the officialization of the purchase of the studio by Embracer Group, when Dean Sharpe, executive director of 4A Games, assured that both the Swedish holding company and Saber Interactive are the perfect partners to provide a multiplayer experience to their fan community, while still working on a new big-budget IP without neglecting Metro.

The last chapter of the Metro series arrived in 2019, we tested it too and it performed very nicely in our review.

Source: 3DJuegos

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