Is Remedy Entertainment Developing A PlayStation-Exclusive Title?

The Finnish team behind the first two Max Payne games, Control, Alan Wake, or Quantum Break, might be doing something for Sony as well.

Remedy Entertainment is currently developing five titles. One of these could be in the works for PlayStation 5 (and maybe PC). Claire Bromley, the global external producer of PlayStation Studios, has been sharing several staffing announcements from Remedy employees recently on LinkedIn, including posts from COO Christopher Schmitz, communications director Thomas Puha, and audio designer Sam Hughes. You might think that Bromley just wants to help the Finns, but the regularity of these shares look ominous, especially if we add that other internal PlayStation Studios see anything of the sort…

Then, on Reddit, a post notes that Bromley did the same thing for Sumo Digital before Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4) and Housemarque leading up to Returnal (PlayStation 5), and the common thing in the two titles is that both are PlayStation-exclusives.

Let’s add that Shpeshal Ed (who previously correctly leaked that the PlayStation Plus lineup in March would include Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 on PlayStation 4) shared a screenshot from Discord, where an anonymous person claims this game is a Sony game, and now he believes this unannounced title is 100% exclusive to PlayStation (5, presumably).

Vanguard (multiplayer, free-to-play), CrossfireX (Xbox-exclusive), two titles to be published by Epic Games. That leaves us with this unannounced game. And don’t forget that Alan Wake 2 has been rumoured to be in development… but it could be one of the titles published by Epic, as part of the Remedy Connected Universe.

The situation is suspicious, but we can also add that Remedy has all the rights to Alan Wake’s IP, and thus, THIS game could be PlayStation-exclusive on consoles, with a PC version later down the line. It’s plausible…

Source: PSL

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