The Day Before Trailer and Release Date For The MMO Survival Horror [VIDEO]

We can see many of the game’s playable features, and its arrival on the consoles is also confirmed.


The presentation of the new open-world survival game developed by Fntastic was highlighted by impressive realistic graphics for a promising MMO that will take us to a post-apocalyptic America plagued by zombies after a horrible pandemic.

The management of resources will be the engine to push us to explore dangerous areas where we will feel constantly haunted.

The company has shown different gameplays of The Day Before since its presentation. We had one focused on its combat and an extensive video to enjoy its fantastic visuals. The game is often reminiscent of The Division, and The Last of Us and its developers have promised that the game will look even better when it hits the market.

On this occasion, Fntastic has released a new trailer in which we can appreciate many of the activities that will take place in the game’s day-to-day. The trailer shows much of his exploration of a classic in the zombie genre, an abandoned shopping mall. The setting, both indoors and outdoors, is still incredibly well recreated.

We have also been shown some of the essential elements of its gameplay, such as crafting objects and the construction and improvements of buildings. The trailer closes with its release date, June 21, 2022, for PC, in addition to adding versions for current and past generation consoles, although there is still no confirmed date.

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