Cyberpunk 2077 Re-Release?! CD Projekt Denies Such Plans Are In The Works

A Forbes report hinted at some sort of Cyberpunk 2077 “Samurai Edition”, but the company denies everything.



Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t offer much news after the problems with its release and subsequent updates. However, CD Projekt’s title is still in the spotlight one way or another, with positive news such as the next-gen version and more negative ones such as the claims received from investors.

The year 2022 has begun, and although no official announcement has been made, the game is once again in the news. A couple of days ago, Forbes published an article claiming that the company would release a so-called “Samurai Edition”, a re-release of the game under that name, based on the content of the 1.5 update.

“This thing does not add up. Sorry, Paul” – Radek Grabowski

This would mark a turning point for the company after the disastrous launch it suffered (especially on consoles); however, CD Projekt itself has openly denied the information. Specifically, it was CD Projekt RED’s Press Director Radek Grabowski who, in a terse message to the author of this text, refuted the veracity of the leaked information: “This thing does not add up. Sorry, Paul.”

Despite this, the author, Paul Tassi, still maintains his doubts, pointing out that Grabowski has not clarified what is wrong with all the information gathered. Since it was taken directly from the Cyberpunk 2077’s files, he says it would be bizarre not to see any of the above, which hints at improvements to the AI, interface or loot system, and new additions in customisation, open-world options and enemies.

As we wait to see what Cyberpunk 2077 has in store for the rest of the year, in addition to updates, the game will also feature multiplayer in the future, which is a welcome step forward from the development team, who have not really seen the opportunity to integrate online mode.

Source: Forbes

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