Metal Gear Solid With Unreal Engine 5?! Fans Recreate Some Scenes In Great Detail [VIDEO]

Two different users created the idea based on the first two instalments of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.



Metal Gear Solid has left a mark on the hearts of many gamers, and we’re still dreaming of new developments for the future of the series. Although rumours have been circulating, leading to the alleged involvement of Virtuos studio, we don’t actually have any official information about the series. However, that’s not stopping fans from rethinking Snake’s return.

As you can see in the video below, Just An Idea Studio’s channel has been working on adapting the first game to the world of Unreal Engine 5. While this only includes the game’s already iconic opening scenes, it’s worth noting that the initiative was born out of the author’s curiosity.

However, we’re talking about one of the most famous franchises in the gaming world, so players have no choice but to recreate several scenes using today’s graphics engines. Sticking with Unreal Engine 5 and utterly unrelated to the previous project, Black Amber Digital CEO Erasmus Brosdau also shared one of the highly detailed opening cinematics for Metal Gear Solid 2.

While these examples are still fanworks, there’s no doubt that Metal Gear could look great with Unreal Engine 5. It also shows that gamers are still “hooked” on these stealth adventures, as we saw with the new reveal of the first Metal Gear Solid. After all, few games are still so popular 23 years after their release that such secrets are still being revealed…

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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