From The Matrix To Horizon Forbidden West: Carrie-Anne Moss Joins Aloy’s Adventure, And She’s Not The Only One [VIDEO]

The latest trailer for Horizon Forbidden West gives a glimpse into the story and characters of the upcoming PS5 and PS4-exclusive game.



PlayStation and Guerrilla Games yesterday released a new trailer focusing on the story of Horizon Forbidden West, and confirmed that Michelle Jenner will be voicing Aloy. However, this is far from the only news that the people behind the game have shared: it has been revealed that Carrie-Anne Moss will also be appearing in a major role in the PS5 and PS4 video games!

One of the main characters in The Matrix Resurrections will be tasked with bringing Tilda, a mysterious new character with a special connection to the distant past, to life, according to a press release from Guerrilla Games.

Angela Bassett (Black Panther) has also been confirmed as Regalla, one of the main antagonists in Aloy’s new adventure. “Regalla is someone who is driven by hate, specifically hatred for the Carja tribe, and is willing to burn the world to get revenge,” McCaw explains, as reported by IGN. “He will take out anyone who gets in his way… Emotionally, if Aloy is the immovable object, Regalla is the unstoppable force.”

She won’t be the only threat to players during Aloy’s epic journey through the Forbidden West. “The next chapter in Aloy’s story begins on 18 February – first on PS5 and PS4 – where he will face a storm of new threats: an apocalyptic plague, Regalla and his rebels, Sylens and his machinations… and new threats yet to be discovered,” said Guerrilla Games.

Source: IGN

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