Horizon Forbidden West Is Now Gold And Ready For Release On February 18

Guerrilla Games has confirmed that the development of Horizon Forbidden West is now complete



We’re already aware that 2022 is going to be a huge year for video games, but that feeling keeps coming back as we learn more and more about them. For many, Horizon: Forbidden West is the gem of February due to all the new features and improvements implemented in Aloy’s franchise, and now Guerrilla is getting us even more excited with a new piece of information: the game is already gold.

The developer celebrates this news with a message and some short gameplays with which we can see everything that Horizon: Forbidden West achieves on a PS4 Pro. In these previews, which show different points of the adventure, we see some machine battles and a calmer moment when Aloy enters the Utaru’s village.



Guerrilla certainly knows how to lift our spirits in the middle of the week, as the statement written by studio director Angie Smets reminds us that the new PS4 and PS5 title is coming very soon: “This means we’re ready to start printing and distributing the game, ready for you to experience Aloy’s journey in the Forbidden West in less than a month”. In addition to this, the studio is also grateful for the team’s efforts and the continued support of the community.

And it’s only natural that players are starting to get excited about the imminent arrival of Horizon: Forbidden West, as its release on 18 February promises a spectacular experience. Recently, we got to see new abilities for Aloy in gameplay, and we also learned that the game’s map will be slightly larger than that of Zero Dawn. Beyond this, Guerrilla has also put a special emphasis on the story, as we can expect moral choices with very powerful consequences.

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