Nearly 10% Of Internet Users Claim to Play Games Via The Cloud

Most players do so via mobile, but new ways of accessing the industry are growing



The figure is no less impressive for being expected: 68.1% of internet users around the world use their mobile phones to play video games, according to a study shared by Hootsuite, a social network management platform, and We Are Social. However, the figure for cloud-based gamers is perhaps more surprising.

According to the latest report shared by Newzoo, 52% of the industry’s revenue came via mobile and tablets last year, so this survey only confirms the importance of a sector that has only grown. The next most popular device used by video game fans is the computer (laptop or desktop), with 36.8%, followed by desktop consoles (25.8), tablets (17.2%), and handheld consoles (13.6%).



And 9.7% of internet users say they play games via cloud services, such as Stadia or Xbox xCloud. In fact, more people play games via cloud services than play games designed for virtual reality devices. This is certainly a survey that will be welcomed by Microsoft and other companies in their bid to bring gaming to as many users as possible. The Hootsuite document focuses on digital trends, stating that users spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes a day on social networks.

Returning to mobile, the importance of the sector can be seen in the revenue figures of the big hitters for this market, with up to eight video games estimated to generate more than $1 billion during 2021.

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