Elden Ring Graphics: Steady 60 FPS On Xbox Series; On PS5, A Weird Trick To Improve Performance

Digital Foundry has checked the frame rate of FromSoftware’s latest game, Elden Ring, across all platforms.



The day has finally come when gamers worldwide can start playing Elden Ring. The launch trailer has raised the community’s expectations even higher, and the impressive Metacritic reviews only prove that this is one of the most important games of the year. Beyond the open (and dangerous) world, the near-suicide difficulty battles and the intricate adventure story, the community is looking for features around performance on each platform.

Digital Foundry has taken on the task and has produced an article that answers all the questions focused on this topic. By examining the performance of Elden Ring on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, the authors of the analysis were able to determine the FPS ratios and critical points to remember before launching the game.

On PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, the performance mode achieves 45-60 FPS

Starting with the consoles’ specs, the PS5 and Xbox X series produce 45-60 FPS when playing with power mode on. In case you prefer an immersive graphical experience, the quality mode reduces this to between 30-60 FPS. However, by sticking with the latter mode, Digital Foundry acknowledges that consoles have very variable speeds and rarely reach 60 FPS.





That said, the Xbox series’ VRR system helps make these frame rates less noticeable by smoothing out the player experience. On the other hand, the PS5 can also deliver better performance by using a technique recommended by analysts: running the PS4 app on the PS5, which cleans up frame rates to a stable 60 FPS while affecting the graphical quality of the game.

The PC version shows a slight FPS drop when loading new items

What about the PC? In particular, Digital Foundry highlights the presence of up to 250 milliseconds of “frame drop” when the game loads new effects, enemies and locations. The so-called “stutter” is less frequent when returning to areas already explored, although it can be a minor annoyance when exploring new landscapes. In the testers’ experience, entering unfamiliar terrain can cause a slight frame drop, reducing the speed from a constant 60 to 40.

On the other hand, the PC version of Elden Ring does not support ultra-wide monitors, does not support frame rates above 60 FPS, and lacks intuitive graphics settings. However, Digital Foundry encourages us to wait for future patches that will fix the stuttering problem and polish the features mentioned above on PC.





Digital Foundry does not rule out the possibility of patches to complete the polishing of the PC version

This latter recommendation is aimed squarely at the patch that Elden Ring will receive on launch day. From Software has already previewed the contents of this first update and has already promised refinements that will improve the game’s performance and user experience, as well as fix the bugs that have been discovered so far.

Source: EuroGamer

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