Steam Deck Is Not Immune To “Drift”: It Has The Same Problem As Nintendo’s Hybrid

TECH NEWS – Several players who have already got their hands on Steam Deck have reported problems with the right stick handle.



Valve’s new handheld platform, the Steam Deck, is already in the hands of several lucky gamers who have not had the pleasure of testing the device, as reports of annoying stick-shifting have already surfaced online.

Some users have shared videos of the “drift” on the handheld controller

One user on Reddit specifically mentioned that he was having problems with the right stick on the console and shared a video of the drift as proof. The video shows the test screen of the Steam Deck controller, where you can see that the X and Y-axis of the right stick are chaotically changing, even when the right stick is not being moved.

In response, another user shared a video of his own showing the same problem. The surprise this time was that the annoying drift was experienced moments after the official release of the handheld icon, as this situation usually occurs after prolonged use of the device.

Hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat, who works on Valve’s new platform, mentioned in 2021 that the company is doing everything it can to prevent drifting of the handheld console sticks, a problem Nintendo claims is unsolvable. However, Valve’s developers claim that the problem can be fixed in software and that they have already prepared the necessary fix.

The drifting problem between Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch is not the only thing the two platforms have in common, as Valve has unveiled some prototypes of its handheld computers that look very similar to Nintendo’s hybrid. Valve co-founder Gabe Newell surprised some lucky customers by personally delivering the product to their door.

Source: The Verge

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