Halo, The Series: Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) Responds To Haters

MOVIE NEWS – Despite many fans of the original game express strong hatred towards the new series, Halo seems to start with great popularity in the US.


Halo: The Series is proving to be a success for Paramount+ in North America, being among the most watched content of the past week in the United States and Canada. However, there is no shortage of criticism of the show, especially from videogame fans, to whom Pablo Schreiber, the man in charge of bringing Master Chief to life, wanted to address.

“For all those ‘fans’ against the production, who hated the show before watching it and disagree with what we are doing, I respect your opinion and I love you too. Because the truth is we love the same thing, and I will keep working every day to make this series the best version of itself, to bring attention and respect to this universe that we love,” the actor commented on Instagram.

In his message, Schreiber emphasised the major milestones of Halo: The Series, which last week was the second most-watched piece of entertainment in the United States, second only to Coda, Oscar for best film of the year. In Canada, it did even better, becoming the most-watched show on streaming. However, no details have been shared as to which media outlet audited these viewing figures.

The Master Chief adds in his message that he is honoured and overwhelmed to be of service to this incredible universe and tradition with so many fans around the world. “Soon to be a worldwide phenomenon”.

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