Has Resident Evil 4 Got The Least “Own Essence” In The Series? Hear What The Franchise’s Father Says [VIDEO]

Shinji Mikami and Keiichiro Toyama are featured in a video about fear in the game, and of course, Resident Evil 4 was also discussed.



When talking about Shinji Mikami, it’s impossible not to think of the Resident Evil franchise. Something similar is happening with Keiichiro Toyama, whose name is mentally linked to the horrors of Silent Hill. Ultimately, these two creators are two people who know precisely how to manipulate horror in games, and they’ve come together to talk about their vision for the genre and the choices they’ve made in the past.

“In fact, Resident Evil 4 is the game that I feel has the least essence of its own.”- Shinji Mikami

In a new format released by Bokeh Game Studio, led by Keiichiro Toyama, the developer plans to have in-depth conversations about the game. The first of these will be with the aforementioned Shinji Mikami, who has previously criticised his game, among other reflections, revealing that not all ideas in Resident Evil 4 were thought through by the creators: “In fact, Resident Evil 4 is the game that I feel has the least essence of its own.”

“I think what you did was amazing. It was new and set a new standard in the TPS genre.”- Keiichiro Toyama

“Inside me is Mikami the Creator and Mikami the Producer,” continues the pro. “When I share my ideas, Mikami the Producer shuts me up immediately. He says no one will like it, I should stop. You end up becoming a broken person.” Despite this, Toyama is quick to praise Mikami’s work, and mentions the impressive sales figures he has shown.

“When I was making Forbidden Siren, Resident Evil 4 had just come out, and the numbers were insane,” Toyama recalls. And to Mikami’s retort that his game wasn’t pure horror, the Silent Hill author reflects on what he achieved on that basis. “It was new, and it set a new standard for the TPS genre. It was new, and it sold well. I was a little jealous that I couldn’t do something like that.”

Of course, both creators left an indelible mark on the industry. As for their current work, it’s safe to say that Resident Evil 4 is still very popular with audiences, as the VR version is already the best-selling game in Meta Quest history. On the other hand, Keiichiro Toyama is still active in the horror genre with Bokeh Game Studios, and with Slitterhead, he will prove that he can still make our hair stand on end.

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