Could There Be Multiplayer In Bethesda’s New Indiana Jones Game?!

An update from Besthesda MachineGames reveals some potentially exciting details about the upcoming Indiana Jones game.



Indiana Jones has been one of pop culture’s most beloved franchises since its inception, with a success that spans decades. Today, with the upcoming fifth instalment of the film series and Bethesda’s highly anticipated video game, interest is higher than at any time in the last five to ten years. While details about the new game are scarce at the moment, a recent update from ZeniMax hints at some possible features.

Of course, Indiana Jones has received several video game treatments in the past, from a Candy Crush clone to a LEGO version.

However, this is the first time a game company of Bethesda’s size and reputation has embraced the iconic franchise. Although interestingly, Todd Howard has stated that he initially offered to make an Indiana Jones game for George Lucas and Disney back in 2009. It’s not known why the idea fell through at the time, but news of an Indiana Jones title being developed by MachineGames should undoubtedly get fans excited.



A Besthesda MachineGames frissítése néhány potenciálisan izgalmas részletre mutat rá a készülő Indiana Jones-játékkal kapcsolatban.



A recent job advertisement mentions that the developer of Quake is hiring an artificial intelligence programmer for MachineGames. The list of preferred skills indicates an understanding of “human surrogacy” for multiplayer robots, as well as knowledge and experience around “designing playable companions”. The post doesn’t specify precisely what project these skills apply to, though details suggest a possible feature in the upcoming Indiana Jones title.

Granted, these aren’t novel concepts for recent AAA titles; multiplayer and companions would be an exciting addition to the game.

However, this could potentially hint at an expected feature for Wolfenstein 3. Back in 2018, Besthesda revealed that the Wolfenstein sequel was being made by MachineGames. However, not many details about the project have been shared since the release of the 2019 spin-off title Wolfenstein Youngblood. In addition, the introduction of Youngblood presents its own narrative challenges for Wolfenstein 3. Time will tell how MachineGames navigates this amidst fan expectations.

But Indiana Jones and Wolfenstein 3 aren’t the only upcoming titles under MachineGames, as the studio is also working on a Quake remaster. Also in development are more ambitious projects from the larger Bethesda group, such as Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6. Many expect the company to share more details about these projects at the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda launch on June 12. Of course, Indiana Jones is probably still in its early stages, considering the project was announced last year. So it’s best to set expectations accordingly.


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