The Quarry: Was The Teen Horror Simulator Originally Designed For Google Stadia?!

According to insider sources, Supermassive Games’ The Quarry and another title were initially intended for Google Stadia.



Supermassive Games’ The Quarry is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn, one of the developer’s most positively received titles. The game draws inspiration from teen slasher films and other horror movies in addition to the company’s previous productions. In keeping with the studio’s reputation, The Quarry is a cinematic horror adventure game with the same branching narrative of choices dictated by the player’s decisions. Essentially, it gives fans a playable horror movie where the right choices can lead to the survival of each character, and the wrong decisions can lead to the death of everyone.

This cinematic style of presentation results in a game that is arguably more fun to watch than to play, especially when you consider The Quarry’s multiple ending variations, of which there are nearly 200 available. This is topped off by the game’s upcoming online multiplayer mode, which will allow those who join the game to vote on critical decisions.

While the game has indeed been released for most consoles and PCs, it could have had a completely different launch platform: Google Stadia.

According to sources close to the project, two games were initially developed for the Google Stadia console, one of which was The Quarry. These projects were intended to take advantage of the game’s cloud technology and attract players to the streaming service provided by the console. But the plans were likely scuppered after Google announced that it would wind down its focus on Stadia and games in 2021.

Although Supermassive Games and Google announced the partnership as early as 2020, neither company has unveiled any games in that time.

When The Quarry was first announced earlier this year, Supermassive Games revealed that Take-Two Interactive would take on publishing duties. According to sources, Supermassive Games was looking for a publisher to help complete the project as it neared release, and a Take-Two representative said the company was happy to help with the project.

The other game they started developing for Stadia was called High On Life. This game was developed by Squanch Games, with Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland leading the project. Microsoft and Bethesda revealed at last week’s launch of 2022 that it’s a more comedic take on the FPS genre and will be released next year for Xbox consoles and PC.

Source: Axios

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