Epic Games Store Launcher Could Have Some Problems?!

TECH NEWS – Epic Games Store users continue to report that the store’s PC app loads exceptionally slowly, regardless of their PC hardware.



Now more than three and a half years old, the Epic Games Store continues to be a controversial topic for many PC gamers. While debates about the exclusivity of the PC Store and the public perception of Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney remain hot topics, much more systematic discourse surrounds the Epic Games Store PC application itself. Not only are users frustrated by the slow feature additions to the Epic Games Store app, but the app’s overall performance is frustratingly slow for many, with no signs of improvement.

Although criticisms of the Epic Games Store PC app have come and gone in waves, a flood of frustrations has been shared in the store’s Reddit community in recent days.

All of the comments cite a single problem with the app, namely that it takes a long time to open. One of the posts captures the situation by mentioning that every time the Epic Games Store Launcher is opened; it takes 20 seconds to load. However, the comments mockingly joke about how fast it is.

One of the top comments in the thread about the 20-second load time says that every time the EGS Launcher is opened, it takes 3-4 minutes to load completely. Another says, “20 seconds? That’s not even a big number”. Yet another says that the several minutes it takes to load the launcher is only half the problem, as it takes that long or more to load the EGS game library section of the application.

It should be made clear that while many are vocal frustrated critics of the Epic Games Store, these problems only affect a minority of users.

Some of the users experiencing problems may be experiencing other issues.

A minority group of PC gamers dislike the Epic Games Store so much that they are trying to give it a bad name, although there is no reference to that problem here.

Few would dispute that Epic Games has a lot of work to do with the Epic Games Store Launcher. Overall performance is one area where there is still much work to be done. If not load times, then the hardware resources required to run the application. That said, Epic is constantly improving things. It just takes quite some time for EGS to get to what users want.


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