Will The PC Port Of Returnal Have Steam Deck Support?!

New SteamDB updates hint at a possible Steam Deck appearance for Returnal.



Sony still hasn’t confirmed that Returnal will be released for PC, but it seems pretty sure. Back in May, an entry for a game codenamed Oregon appeared on SteamDB, which had a lot of hints about the game’s true identity (read: Returnal). Then in June, some leaked, convincing screenshots showed images of the game with PC graphics options and customization of the control scheme.

This SteamDB listing has received a ton of updates in the last few days, and for the average person, the changelog is mostly gibberish. However, one entry stands out from the changelog because it refers to Steam Deck support. This change was made a few days ago, on July 25, but there have been plenty of updates since then, perhaps indicating that a release is imminent.

Sony has not announced the game for PC, the company’s main PC priority at the moment is the upcoming release of Spider-Man Remastered.

As Returnal is a niche roguelike shooter aimed at a narrower audience, it probably doesn’t deserve the months of promotion that Spider-Man, Horizon and God of War have received.

Unlike Microsoft, which is seemingly opposed to having its first-party games run nicely on Steam Deck (though there are workarounds), Sony’s God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn are Steam Deck-verified. The Returnal is the kind of game that seems to lend itself to handheld gameplay, so assuming it’s released on PC at all, Steam Deck would be perfect for it.

Source: SteamDB

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