Will Returnal Be The Next Unannounced PC Port From Sony?

Returnal from Housemarque, part of PlayStation Studios, is currently only available for PlayStation 5… but that could soon change.


It’s been revealed on SteamDB that the Finnish Housemarque’s survival roguelike game is likely to be getting a PC port (and it could happen with help from Nixxes Software, recently acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment, as they are well versed in PC ports). In this game, you have to guide a character named Selene through several loops in a hostile world. The roguelike elements kick in when she dies: the narrative restarts, so it’s worth playing well.

Returnal is currently codenamed Oregon in Gabe Newell’s digital store, so Housemarque’s product is not named directly. Still, many critical indicators in the database all point to the PlayStation 5 exclusive published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. One of the localisation strings is #status_atropos, which is evident because Atropos is the alien planet where Selene has to survive everything and everyone. And the #status_tower string is the Tower of Sisyphus, which refers to the recently released extra content… and that’s hardly a coincidence.

The cooperative string, on the other hand, is not related to Returnal, but there are activity and roguelike genre-related ones (Current Run %PlayTime%, {#Status_%Activity%}, {#Status_%GameplayType%}, {#Status_Time}). These are not related to Housemarque’s game, but the examples mentioned in the previous paragraph can almost only be linked to Returnal…

Of course, Sony hasn’t announced that Returnal will get a PC port yet, but what we wrote yesterday outlines what the company will do: “In fiscal 2020, net sales of PC games totalled $35 million, which increased to $80 million last year, and this year’s expectation is $300 million.” And to increase nearly fourfold from one fiscal year to the next, new games are needed… and since Returnal hasn’t got a PC port yet, that can be included here.

Oh, and it might have also been in the big GeForce Now leak last year…

Source: WCCFTech

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