Logitech G Gaming: See The First Photos Of The Newest Handheld Console!

TECH NEWS – The Logitech G Gaming handheld console looks a little familiar, I don’t know where it came from…



A few weeks ago, Logitech G announced that they were working on a gaming streaming handheld in collaboration with Tencent, which they’ve managed to give the imaginative name Logitech G Gaming Handheld. Thanks to leaked images, we now know what the device and its user interface will look like.

The three images, which were posted on Evan Blass’ Twitter account, were quickly DMCA’d by Logitech G. The company’s quick response suggests that the photos are genuine.

This cute white handheld looks smaller and more ergonomic than the Steam Deck – a bit reminiscent of the WiiU’s gamepad. It’s hard to judge how much of a difference it makes to performance being smaller than the Steam Deck.

One of the leaked screenshots shows the user interface (or at least a version of it still in the works), with icons for some of the apps available from the Google Play Store, such as Steam Remote Play, Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Chrome, YouTube and Xbox (twice for some reason). The company has already said that the device will support more cloud-based gaming services. Now at least we have an idea of which ones.



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Logitech G hasn’t yet revealed what operating system the G Gaming will run, but in one of the pictures, you can see the Google Play Store quite prominently, so we can say that it’s probably an Android device.

An Android gaming handheld is a bit different from the Steam Deck rivals we’ve seen recently, which run some version of Linux or Windows.

Android phones and tablets are already pretty decent game streaming devices, so it will be interesting to see if it manages to win people over. Once we know the specs of the CPU and GPU, we’ll be able to tell if Logitech’s handheld will be a decent emulation device or if it will be limited to streaming games. What kind of display it has, how long the battery will last, and pricing remains big questions.

The Logitech G Gaming Handheld will be released later this year.

Source: 9to5google, Twitter

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