Hitman: World of Assassination: Will We Finally Get The New Trilogy In One Package?!

According to developer IO Interactive, the Hitman reboot trilogy will be bundled into a single package, essentially turning the stealth series into a single game.



In a surprising announcement, IO Interactive has revealed that the beloved Hitman trilogy will be merged into a single game. The announcement was made yesterday via the developer’s official site blog and will herald the next evolution of the series.

As one of the best stealth games on the market, Hitman has evolved dramatically since its release just over twenty years ago.

Since its launch in 2000, the franchise has spawned numerous sequels and even two major film adaptations. A “soft” reboot of the series in 2016 was well received. Since then, two sequels have been released, Part 2 and Part 3, which have also received a lot of DLC content.

In a blog post on its official website today, IO Interactive announced that Hitman 3 would be relaunched as Hitman: World of Assassination from 26 January this year. So all three games will merge into one. With this renaming, players of Part 3 will get free access to the first two episodes. In addition, players who already own Hitman 3 can upgrade to World of Assassination for free. Due to the high replay value of the franchise, combining the three games into one product will provide players with hours of content.

The game will thus feature twenty-one unique maps, giving many players who may not have played through the trilogy’s entire locations an insight into the exciting world of Hitman. Still, veteran players will also be able to experience all the objectives in one game.

World of Assassination will be priced at $70, while a Deluxe Pack of extra content will be available for an additional $30.

Certainly, Agent 47 is one of the most fun characters in gaming. It’s a rare opportunity to get into the skin of an assassin. The franchise, created by IO Interactive, allows players to act stealthily or even downright chaotically. Still, the world it has brought to life over the years has brought many fans back to the series. Being able to play all three episodes of the trilogy in one game can be a fantastic experience for many.

Source: IO Interactive

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