Dark Pictures: Switchback VR – If You Close Your Eyes, It Only Gets Scarier!

Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, a brand new horror game coming to PlayStation VR2, really knows when players close their eyes…



Dark Pictures: Switchback VR will make good use of the new headset’s eye-tracking technology to scare players. The game, which follows in the footsteps of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, will also serve as a spin-off from Supermassive Games’ narrative-driven horror games.

Rush of Blood was the original launch title for the PlayStation VR headset, which was tied to Until Dawn. Switchback VR is not a launch title for PlayStation VR2 but is expected to be released on March 16 for the PS5 virtual reality headset.

While Rush of Blood was set in the Until Dawn universe, Switchback VR is tied to the horror anthology series The Dark Pictures, which is similar to Until Dawn in many ways but also firmly establishes its own identity.

The PlayStation VR2 headset has several new features and improvements over the original device. This, in turn, gives developers new options when creating their virtual reality experiences. One of the new features of PlayStation VR2 is eye tracking, which is used in The Dark Pictures. It has been confirmed that the upcoming horror game will know when players keep their eyes closed. According to game director Alejandro Arque Galladro, some enemies will move closer to the player with each blink. Others can only move if the player is not looking directly at them. Needless to say, this technology has enormous potential to deliver a genuinely terrifying horror gaming experience.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR will also use the new features of the PlayStation VR2 headset in several other exciting ways. The 3D sound, headset rumble and haptic feedback from the new Sense controllers will all add to the terror. That is if you’re brave enough to try it at launch.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood received mixed reviews back in the day, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see if The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR gets a more positive reception when it launches on the PlayStation VR2 headset next month.

While PlayStation VR2 players wait for The Dark Pictures rail shooter, there are plenty of launch titles to try out in the meantime. PlayStation VR2 has a reasonably extensive launch line-up for February 22, so it’s an exciting time ahead for PS5 VR fans.

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