One Piece: What Can We Expect From Mackenyu’s Zoro In The Netflix Adaptation? [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Mackenyu brings Zoro to life in Netflix’s One Piece live-action series. Here’s what we know so far about the new version of the character.



Netflix’s One Piece live-action series has finally given fans a glimpse of what’s in store. It’s safe to say that most fans absolutely love what the teaser has to offer. Although there are some complaints, the majority of fans are cautiously optimistic about the live-action series. The One Piece Live Action teaser trailer showed off quite a few impressive scenes, and one of them, of course, featured Roronoa Zoro.

Zoro is the first crew member that Luffy recruits to his ship. Mackenyu Arata will play him in the Netflix series. While the cinematic Zoro stays true to his manga character for the most part, there are things new and old fans alike should know about him.


More mature in live action?


Zoro has always been seen as a more serious character, at least compared to Luffy. However, at his core, Zoro is just as goofy. In fact, some of the funniest moments in One Piece are thanks to him. Things might be different in the Netflix series. Zoro has shown a bit more maturity in the TV version of the series. This is not entirely a bad thing, as this series will not be for children.

Instead, it will be aimed at a more mature audience, and to that end, Luffy’s foolishness will probably be counterbalanced. That doesn’t mean Mackenyu won’t be part of the funny scenes.

Fans should expect to see the One Piece humour that he is so famous for; however, the version of Zoro that they will see will probably be a bit more mature.

Also, an interesting new addition is that Zoro, apparently, doesn’t name his moves. Fans are well aware that Zoro has countless named attacks in One Piece. The Netflix version of his character obviously doesn’t like his attacks to be named.

However, when Luffy meets him, he mentions that all great fighters name their finishing moves. It is possible that Zoro only started naming his attacks after meeting Luffy. This would be a very subtle bonding moment between the two characters, and fans would surely love this little detail.


Mr. 7 and the CGI sword


In both the One Piece anime and the manga’s current timeline, Zoro never fought Mr. 7. It’s just presented as a past event that happened in Zoro’s life before he first met Luffy. Oda even alluded to this in an SBS, claiming that Zoro fought Mr. 7 when he was sent to recruit him for Sir Crocodile.

In the Netflix live-action adaptation, Zoro will likely fight Mr. 7. In the teaser trailer, fans can see Zoro going up against someone. It appears that person is Mr. 7 from Baroque Works.

It is known that Zoro killed this person and was replaced by a new Mr. 7, who fans later saw in Arabasta.

Fans know that Zoro uses the infamous “Three Sword Style”. This means that Zoro carries one katana in his hand and one in his mouth. Of course, in both anime and manga, using the Three Sword Style is not that difficult for Zoro. Animators and artists simply have to draw it. In the One Piece live-action series, however, it would be very difficult for Mackenyu to pull off.

Biting a claw is not exactly healthy. For this reason, chances are that Roronoa Zoro’s third sword will be made entirely with CGI. This is unconfirmed at the moment, but safety measures have been taken to ensure that the actor does not damage his teeth.


Will he be the world’s greatest swordsman?


Of course, the most crucial thing fans should know about Mackenyu’s Zoro is that he wants to be the world’s greatest swordsman. Fans who are revisiting One Piece through the live-action series should remember that Zoro has big ambitions and that he promised his childhood friend that he would become the greatest swordsman.

At the same time, if Luffy wants to be a pirate king, Zoro must also be the strongest swordsman. After all, it would only be fitting for his pirate team. Zoro is a very ambitious character who cares deeply about his crew, and fans will surely love this character in the Netflix adaptation.

Source: YouTube, CBR

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