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Here’s John Romero’s and Carmack’s New FPS!

While we could have instantly written about…
ps4pro psplus 1 NYITO

We may have FINALLY a true AAA title for PS Plus May?

Sony will have to announce what free…
We might end up playing a few of them.

Multiple Free Games Coming Soon To Steam! [VIDEO]

Free games are always appreciated. We are…
Jory Prum left us at the young age of 41 - he's now making sounds in his studio up above.

Jory Prum Has Passed Away [VIDEO]

Tim Schafer, one of Jory Prum‘s close…
The game received no less than three new trailers. King of Fighters XIV will have a massive roster with fifty (!) playable characters.

Here’s When King Of Fighters XIV Arrives! [VIDEO]

King of Fighters has been a veteran…
This is all fine and dandy, but if they will mix so many genres in one game, how terrible will the physics be? How will the devs avoid releasing an unplayable garbage? We're going to see the results in June 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Valentino Rossi The Game: Visiting Misano [VIDEO]

The local track suits us the best!…
What, we already talk about PlayStation 5?

Sony: There May Not Be PlayStation 5! [VIDEO]

Will there be a new PlayStation or…
In 2013, he said that the game was still in development, but at this rate, we would be surprised to see Tekken X Street Fighter completed in 2018, but then, what platforms would it be on? PS3 and X360...?

This Came As a Slap in the Face For the Fans! Tekken X Street Fighter…

In 2010, Namco and Capcom teamed up…
Interlude, who has been involved in interactive videos (recently they worked on Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone) will also help Ken Levine.

Bioshock Creator Is In The Twilight Zone!

Bioshock wasn’t in our consoles for a…
Don't expect Borderlands 3 to be out shortly, the development is still in very early stages.

It’s Official: Gearbox’s Next Game Is Borderlands 3!

On PAX East, Gearbox officially confirmed that…

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