Hopefully, the decade since the announcement will not have an effect on the final result.

[GC] Final Fantasy XV: A recap of the preceding events [VIDEO] [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the producer of the game,…

Uncharted movie? Not going to happen next year!

Sony Pictures have announced new details of…

[GC] Need For Speed: Introducing Ventura Bay! [VIDEO]

Ghost Games is really moving on the…

[GC] Mafia 3: It’s officially announced, but with a twist [VIDEO]

2K is now keeping the six-year pace!…
The release date is still set to Q1 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but the build shown in the video doesn't look like an early one. Maybe Coldwood Interactive's game might see the light around the end of January.

[GC] Unravel – Puzzle gameplay trailer [VIDEO]

Unravel was easily one of the surprise…

[GC] Star Wars Battlefront – Look who show up in the Fighter Squadron mode! [VIDEO]

DICE announced the Fighter Squadron mode this…

[GC] Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – A gameplay trailer [VIDEO]

Electronic Arts and DICE have put together…
Homefront was saved by Deep Silver when THQ went bankrupt, selling their older franchises.

[GC] Homefront: The Revolution – A cinematic trailer and a few screenshots [VIDEO]

This Homefront is (sadly?) not the same…

[GC] Mad Max: Let’s take a look at the Strongholds! [VIDEO]

Mad Max might eventually be a win-win…

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – A trailer for the finale of Exo Zombies [VIDEO]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has received…

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