Western Digital launches an NVMe SSD with game mode [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – It has an EKWB heatsink to avoid the speed slumps.

Western Digital has announced an NVMe SSD thicker than normal since it can carry an aluminium sink designed by EKWB (the brand that specializes in cooling) designed to avoid speed reductions when heated. It is a new version of the WD Black, the SN750, but this time it has a “game mode” by software. Inside are 3D NAND memories paired with the controller of Western Digital itself. According to the people of Anandtech, the main difference of the new model is that the firmware is improved and that the linear join a 2 TB version.

The performance differs according to the model, and there are four different ones. Keep in mind that the 250 GB model is the only one that can not include the aluminium heatsink. Here you have them:

Black SN750 2 TB: 3400 MB / sec. Read, 2900 MB / sec.

Black SN750 1 TB: 3470 MB / sec. Read, 3000 MB / sec sec.

Black SN750 500 GB: 3470 MB / s of sec reading, 2600 MB / sec of writing sec.

Black SN750 of 250 GB: 3100 MB / s of sec reading, 1600 MB / s of writing sec.

Usually, the Black SN750 series is somewhat faster than the previous generation, which is almost parallel with the Samsung 970 Pro. The key now is to know if the players of the heatsink and the “game mode” can really benefit. that Western Digital has proposed. For now, the recommended prices are $ 79.99 for the model of 250 GB, 129.99 for the 500 GB, 249.99 for the 1 TB and $ 499.99 for the 2 TB model.

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