Embracer Group: A Ton Of Games In Development, Dead Island 2 Still A Long Way Off

Dead Island 2 will be the next Duke Nukem Forever – Embracer Group, which was known as THQ Nordic AB until last September, has a lot of projects in the works, but the zombie game is not going to arrive until the end of March.

Embracer Group’s newest financial earnings report says that it is unlikely that they’ll release an AAA game until March 2021. There are several publishers under them, such as Deep Silver or THQ Nordic GmbH. The company announced that 118 titles are in development under their umbrella, and out of that, 69 haven’t been announced, and some of the most anticipated titles won’t come this fiscal year, meaning they won’t be out before April 2021 at its earliest.

„Looking into the next financial year ending March 31 2022, we expect continued organic growth driven by a further increase in the value of completed games including the first AAA games releases since Metro Exodus. From this year on we expect to have AAA releases every year,” their report says. So we can rule out the new Saints Row (Volition), or Dead Island 2 (Dambuster Studios, who previously finished Homefront: The Revolution). We can also add that Biomutant, which was promoted in a German magazine in 2017 with an early 2018 launch, is either not considered an AAA game (even though this kung-fu RPG looks like one), or that the Steam page lies, as it says it’s still coming in 2020.

A few games that they already announced: THQ Nordic: Aquanox Deep Descent, Biomutant, Desperados III, Destroy all Humans! remake, Scarf, Spongebob – Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, The Guild 3, Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, Gothic remake. Deep Silver: Dead Island 2, Iron Harvest, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Wasteland 3, Maneater, Windbound, Saints Row the Third Remastered. Coffee Stain Studios: Deep Rock Galactic, Huntdown, Satisfactory, Songs of Conquest, Midnight Ghost Hunt. Saber Interactive: Era Combat, I, Viking, Plazmic, Slototerra, NBA 2K Playground, WWE 2K Battlegrounds (all mobile except WWE). Milestone Srl: Ride 4. HandyGames: A Rat’s Quest, El Hijo, One Hand Clapping, Spitlings, Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron – Extended Edition (mobile), Townsmen VR, Endling – Extinction is Forever, Chicken Police – Paint it Red!, Pile Up!, Airhead. Ravenscourt: 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, Cooking Mama Cookstar. 31 studios in more than forty countries and 3500 employees…

So there are a few games, but they somewhat hold themselves back to focus a bit more on the next console generation. Oh, and Embracer Group raised 167 million USD to acquire more studios. They will keep buying out teams, oh no…

Source: GameSpot, WCCFTech

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