Marvel’s Avengers – Beta And A New Hero On The Horizon [VIDEO]

Hawkeye will also join the Avengers team after the main storyline of Marvel’s Avengers is finished – and details of the beta have also been revealed.


One of the most important games that await us in the final stretch of 2020 is Marvel’s Avengers, an adventure that until now has generated expectation and serious doubts in equal parts. If you want to try it or see it in the hands of other players before its launch, you will be pleased to know that in the War Table program broadcast today, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have updated the dates and contents of their beta. They have also given some brushstrokes on its post-launch support.


The beta begins on August 7 on PlayStation, but only for those who have pre-ordered the game. The preload can be done the day before, and will last until Sunday the 9th. It will be followed by an open beta also exclusive to PS4, available for preload on August 13 and which will open its servers the next day. The last one takes place on August 21 and will be available to all players on all platforms regardless of whether they have pre-ordered the game or not. If your internet is not very fast, you can preload it on the 20th.


As expected, all these tests of the game will include a variety of missions and progress: we will be able to participate in the Golden Gate sequence during A-Day with a combat against Taskmaster, the arch enemy of Natasha. Aside from this campaign content, starring Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and Captain America; We can also use some of those characters plus Kamala Khan in various War Zones.


Apart from this, we will also have at our disposal extra hero missions, and other optional ones to test our team’s super talents. It is a varied set to enjoy as we improve them up to level 15, with equipment with 45 maximum power points. That is, we will not see neither the most powerful pieces nor the best skills in the arsenal. Be that as it may, you should know that if you play on PS4 the progress of each beta will carry over to the next one (but not the final game).


As part of the game-as-a-service system, Square Enix announces that when the ‘Reassemble’ campaign arc is over we’ll be able to catch up on the adventures of the Avengers and add new superheroes to the roster, starting with archer Hawkeye.

You can check this all out in this trailer:




As a reminder, Marvel’s Avengers will be available on September 4 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and will be coming to Google Stadia and next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the future.


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