Virtual Middle Ages? The VR Version Of Medieval Dynasty Is Coming!

Medieval Dynasty, Render Cube’s RPG, is already available on PC, but the developers are looking to bring it to VR in the future.



Medieval Dynasty, a medieval RPG developed by Render Cube, has been getting a lot of publicity for a while now and has been a hit with fans of the genre and survival gameplay. The title is already available on PC and is scheduled for release on consoles but may go one step further.

As reported by Push Square, the developers have given an interview to a Polish site in which they revealed several plans for the coming months, including a future virtual reality version of the game, which is already in development and has one of four production goals.

The game will be released for Meta Quest 2 and PSVR 2.

A VR edition of Medieval Dynasty is planned to be released on at least two platforms at some point. The first and most apparent is Meta Quest 2, but it will also be coming to PlayStation VR2, which is pretty remarkable considering how few games have been confirmed for Sony’s VR catalogue so far. The date, however, is entirely unknown.

What has been revealed about the new version is that it won’t be a simple conversion of the title known from PC but will be designed specifically for this new medium, retaining some of the mechanics and systems of the original. The developers have already gained some experience in this, as they implemented a third-person mode at the end of last year to provide an alternative way to enjoy the experience.

Source: Push Square

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