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Star Citizen . Gary Oldman, William Anderson, Mark Hamill - the cast of Squadron 42 is becoming one of the biggest, isn't it?

Is Star Citizen’s Development Rough?

Despite having 288 million dollars, Star Citizen‘s…
According to one insider, GTA 6 will be Rockstar's only game this generation

Will Grand Theft Auto VI Have Multiple Big Cities?

A new rumour has surfaced about the…
Blizzard - At the last financial meeting of Blizzard, President J. Allen Brack spoke briefly about the present and future of Overwatch: "It is a remarkable franchise for Blizzard, and we will continue dedicating resources and attention to the community and the series to grow with time".

Blizzard already works on “another project” of Overwatch

However, the current game will continue to…
Anthem is out on February 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Anthem: „We Remain 100% Committed!”

While three major developers of Anthem has…
Gearbox - Cross-Play - In Borderlands 3, the Vault Hunters will have to stop the Calypso Twins, and we'll have four Vault Hunters to choose from, each with their unique skills and playstyle.

Borderlands 3 Will Have An Absurd Amount Of Boss Fights (And Microtransactions)!

We’ll slowly learn more about Gearbox‘ game.…
RAGE 2- This custom console includes a PC inside to enjoy the Id Software and Avalanche videogame.

RAGE 2 raffle a Dreamcast … Which is in Reality a PC Pure Anarchy!

This custom console includes a PC inside…
Activision Blizzard - While Overwatch, an upcoming multiplayer FPS is developed by Blizzard, we wish them the best and even more successful games in the future!

Blizzard Will Skip This Year’s Gamescom! Why?

They will not attend the 2019 Gamescom,…
Microsoft - Project xCloud - Microsoft - xCloud - Streaming - So Microsoft doesn't consider the mobile/PC game streaming as the death of a dedicated console for now.

Project xCloud Hits An Important Milestone!

Microsoft‘s streaming service isn’t as close to…
Rocket League, which has over eight million players worldwide, will receive a new DLC in December.

Psyonix Is In New Hands: The Owner Might Be Surprising!

Psyonix, the developers behind Rocket League, is…
Virtual reality is a technology that has always encountered obstacles when it comes to reaching the mass public.

The Valve Index will be the first helmet to follow the VirtualLink standard

All the connectivity of the VR in…