The Wolf Among Us 2 – Everything We Know So Far About Bigby Wolf’s Next Adventure

PREVIEW – Many thought the return of “Bigby Wolf” was just a fairy tale. After all, it seemed that Telltale Games had told its last story when the company went into hiatus in September 2018. But then the holding company LCG Entertainment struck like a fairy godmother and resurrected the studio. As part of this, The Wolf Among Us 2 was reborn. The project was already well underway before Telltale’s infamous collapse, but the new Telltale and AdHoc Studio started from scratch on the sequel to the lauded 2013 title.



It was time. Telltale announced the sequel in 2017, promising to revisit Fabletown in 2019. Unfortunately, the studio’s closure put an end to that. That’s why gamers everywhere were surprised and delighted to see a short trailer for the game at The Game Awards 2019. So, when can we expect The Wolf Among Us 2 now? Which platforms will it be coming to? What will the story be like? Here’s everything you need to know about the sequel.


A fejlesztők már előre jelezték a pillanatot, és egy élő The Wolf Among Us-közvetítéssel készültek, melynek műsorvezetője Geoff Keighley volt.


When will The Wolf Among Us 2 be released?


Starting from scratch is no easy task, but LCG Entertainment wanted to give the creative team a clean slate. The company has confirmed that the work done by the original Telltale team before the studio closed will not be part of the game. The new team has also left the aging Telltale Tool behind and revealed that The Wolf Among Us 2 will be built using Unreal Engine.

How long does it take to make a The Wolf Among Us title? It’s hard to say, given the circumstances. Although some optimists believe that a return to Fabletown will come sooner rather than later, we probably won’t see the game until early 2021. At least one alleged leak supports this theory, with a now-deleted Reddit user providing an overview of the current state of Telltale Games development.



Is there a trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2?


The trailer that revealed the existence of the upcoming The Wolf Among Us 2 is only a 47-second teaser, but it still managed to get fans excited. The moody, neon-lit noir style that gave the original game its name brought back fond memories. Narrated by Snow White in her familiar voice, she asks Bigby to be the big bad wolf (bad is the one who’s thinking bad…) for them one more time… for him. Can she count on him?

“Always,” he replies. While it doesn’t explain much about the sequel, LCG has confirmed that Snow White and Bigby’s original voice actors will reprise their roles. Fans were delighted to hear the news: Bigby Wolf has a very distinctive voice, and they wouldn’t want anyone other than the talented Adam Harrington to bring his deep baritone, perpetually morose, “private detective” style dialogue and monologues to life.


Epic Games Store - A hivatalosan The Wolf Among Us 2: A Telltale Series névre hallgató játékot újra bejelentette a Telltale Games és az AdHoc Studio.


What platforms will The Wolf Among Us 2 be released on?


How can you play The Wolf Among Us 2 when it’s released? If you’re on PC, you’ll need to download it from the Epic Games Store. The new Telltale has an exclusive deal with the store for this title, so it won’t be on Steam like its predecessor.

This isn’t great news for Steamers, but thankfully console gamers aren’t missing out on the good stuff. LCG Entertainment has revealed that the game will be coming to consoles… just not which ones. There’s nothing to suggest that The Wolf Among Us 2 will be a purely current-gen console title; the cellshaded, comic book style isn’t too demanding when it comes to graphics after all, so it could be released on PS4 and Xbox One. We’ll have to wait for official statements from the new Telltale, but it’s unlikely that we’ll have to buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X to continue Bigby Wolf’s story. The PS3 and Xbox 360 will be forgettable…


"The Wolf Among Us 2 takes place after Snow White steps in as Deputy Mayor of Fabletown, which gets us closer to where the comic starts, but Bigby is still struggling to make the transition from the typical fairytale villain to Sheriff and protector.


What will be the story of The Wolf Among Us 2?


The Wolf Among Us franchise is based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series. Both games will serve as canonical prequels, taking place roughly and twenty years before the events of the comics. This first game, and presumably the second game, set the events in the 1980s. 80s nostalgia seems to be all the rage these days – just think of the Stranger Things series.

The Wolf Among Us 2 will follow the eerie events of the first game. Snow White is now deputy mayor and has a job for Bigby. It seems he’ll have to use his old, brutal methods to get the job – whatever it is – done. The original certainly left a few loose ends to pick (who’s Nerissa, really?), but Telltale has been silent so far on what the new title will be about. The Wolf Among Us 2 will unfold over several episodes, though it’s not yet clear how those episodes will be released.


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