Constantine 2 – Cast, crew, director and everything we know so far

PREVIEW – Constantine 2 is officially happening, with Keanu Reeves to star again as the titular DC Comics hero. Here’s what we know so far!


Constantine 2 is finally becoming a reality, as Warner Bros. has announced a sequel to DC’s demonologist. We reported on September 16 that Constantine will be back, with Keanu Reeves reprising his role from the 2005 film. The article also said that Frances Lawrence, who directed the original film, would return to direct the sequel. While the DCEU has seen several character versions over the past seventeen years, none of them has hit the same spark that Reeves did in the first film. Now it seems DC is looking to resurrect the universe’s most dangerous demon hunter with the same people who brought him into the world.

Constantine has been a fan favourite in the DCEU since he last saved us from the Antichrist. The film created a new kind of world where angels and demons lived alongside us and went to crazy clubs. The supernatural forces of good and evil were transformed into something much more realistic and relatable. John Constantine’s struggle was not just about working as an exorcist. It was about exorcising his inner demons, literal cancer that ate away at his lungs and soul. Now that there will be a Constantine 2 let’s hope Keanu Reeves doesn’t start smoking again.


MOZI HÍREK – Scott Derrickson az a rendező, aki a Constantine-ért Marvel mellett DC univerzumban is szívesen forgatna.


The plot of Constantine 2


There are plenty of comic book storylines to draw from when looking at a Constantine sequel. In the past, we’ve usually seen him pop up in other DC characters’ stories, but not often in his own story. That’s because his work is a bit of an “on-call” type of profession. Like paramedics or pizza delivery guys, exorcists only work when needed, so when a hero in the DC universe has an unusual religious experience or a problem with a demon, Constantine shows up.

Usually, we see the character for a cameo or a single image, similar to how Johanna Constantine appeared in Sandman. But following the character’s personal narrative, we typically glimpse the depths of hell within the human soul.

The last time we left Constantine, she was in the process of quitting smoking. After being given a second chance at life, he seemed happy to start a new life and ready to appreciate the life he had been given. But this renewal did not come without a price. His right-hand man Chas (Shia LaBeouf), was killed during their mission to stop the Antichrist. Father Hennessy was possessed and drank himself to death. And Beeman was eaten by insects. Perhaps we’ll see him on a quest for revenge.

Now that Keanu Reeves is a little older, it might make sense to introduce a new protagonist if DC wants to make Constantine a franchise. Alternatively, John may have learned a powerful lesson about investing positively in his own life and the lives of others. Maybe Constantine will take on Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) as his new student of the mystic arts. And Angela Dodson would be the perfect character. With her detective past and newly awakened psychic abilities, she might even become more robust with the proper training than Constantine. Fans would be thrilled to see them together again. The old characters are also part of what made the 2005 film so exciting, and if the sequel could delve even deeper into the history of Constantine’s world, fans would be in for a treat.


MOZI HÍREK - Mind a mai napig verik a Constantine, a démonvadász készítői a fejüket a falba, hogy erre nem gondoltak.


The cast and crew


A Constantine sequel is still far off, but Warner Bros. has announced some exciting names. Keanu Reeves is apparently returning to reprise his role as John Constantine. It’s a compelling choice, even if several other actors have played the role over the years.

Gamers may also know Matt Ryan as the lead character in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, who played the character in his own series in 2014, which is a part of the DCEU’s Arrowverse. It is a popular DC canon franchise based around the Green Arrow TV series. There was also a cancelled HBO Max series in which Sope Dirisu was to play Constantine. Jenna Coleman most recently played Johanna Constantine in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. While Matt Ryan and Neil Gaiman’s performances had their merits, neither inspired us as much as Keanu Reeves in his original portrayal. By bringing him back in the lead role, they are paying tribute to fans who adore this incarnation of the character, or Keanu Reeves himself. It’s interesting to note that in 2005, Reeves’ performance as Constantine was criticised by many, but these fans will not be so happy…



The same director returns


As for the director, it will be Francis Lawrence. The pairing of a star and an old director could bring back some of the magic of 2005. Lawrence has had a distinguished career since then, directing I’m a Legend, Water for the Elephants, and taking over The Hunger Games films from Catching Fire onwards. She worked with Lawrence on I am Legend and has written such impressive films as Cinderella, The Da Vinci Code and A Beautiful Mind. Akiva Goldsman will write the screenplay.

Goldsman has proven himself to be an extremely quality writer who knows how to handle a title that has been in the reeds for a while and has worked within the DC universe before. He has worked on some big-name DC projects, including Titans and two Batman films from the 90s, and is currently known for Star Trek: Brave New Worlds. Given his career, he won’t disappoint in the upcoming Constantine sequel. He’ll also executive produce alongside J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot producer Hannah Minghella through his Weed Road Pictures company.

What we don’t know at the moment is that there is no release date for Constantine 2. We hope to find out soon and update this article with the new information.


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