Destiny: Rise of Iron – Winter is Coming

PREVIEW – After a rather mediocre response to the first Destiny, a short gasp for breath with The Dark Below, and later a resounding success with House of Wolves, plus The Taken King (though the last one’s success is debateable).


Now with Bungie’s CEO switch, and then the Destiny 2 reboot regarding development a new (and final?) expansion is on the way in September. The future of Destiny is ambiguous, but with the release of Rise of Iron is September we might get some hope.

Which might actually make me hopeful for Destiny 2, if they do not skimp on content?


Finally, after two years Bungie has decided to nix the old generation of consoles, and the expansion will only be available for PS4 and Xbox One. What does this mean for fans that are still stuck on the last generation? Well first of no more Iron Banner, or Trials of Osiris moving on from September to those who do not have a next gen console.

Plus in August there will be an update that will separate character leveling between the old and the new generation According to Bungie only 10% of the users are on the old gen consoles now. Which is fine at this point since a lot of people had enough time to upgrade to the PS4 or Xbox One.

Though buying a new console only for Destiny is not the best idea ever for a console player. So unless you want to get some new games besides Destiny, do not jump into the new gen.

Which might actually make me hopeful for Destiny 2, if they do not skimp on content?

New challenges

The Rise of Iron will focus on The Fallen lore once again after House of Winter. This time, they have acquired new Golden Age weaponry and breach the Wall defending The Last City. It is up to Lord Saladin and us to fight back against the invaders and save everyone.

The new story will include a new patrol area on Earth called The Plaguelands, and a new social hub (much akin to the Reef) called Felwinter’s Peak that will need to be taken back first in a story mission. The developers promise us an epic story for mere thirty dollars, with new strikes, a new raid, and even brand new PVP activities which are quite under the wraps at the moment. Not much is known about the additional activities, the Raid will be of course Fallen themed, but other than that the PVP new additions are kept under wraps.

Which might actually make me hopeful for Destiny 2, if they do not skimp on content?

The Rise of Do We Care?

Destiny once again offers us many new „things” for the expansion, but the question is though if at this point is it worth it? The short answer is: Yeah why not. The long answer is Dear god I hope they do something with this next gen.

This expansion for me will be exciting, and hopefully, they will be able to fix some of the issues that have been plaguing the game for two years now. I also hope that we many finally get an LFG game section? Or maybe dedicated servers, and custom matches. Sales numbers are not questions for this game, as the developers have players already hooked on the franchise. However, I would actually like to see some improvement in the gameplay and mechanics.

The Rise of Iron can be Bungie’s ultimate saving grace at this point, and with Taken King being so good, I hope this expansion will also keep going up regarding quality.

Which might actually make me hopeful for Destiny 2, if they do not skimp on content?


Could be good:

+ More PVE content
+ Custom matches, and dedicated servers?
+ No more last gen holding back

Could be bad:

– The new gen is not fully utilized
– Locations and enemies are too reskinned
– Lackluster ending with no ties to Destiny 2

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Bungie

Genre:  Action role-playing, first-person shooter

Publication: September 20, 2016

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